Seraph 100 as seen on 60 Minutes

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COVID-19 Pathogen Adsorption Therapy

ExThera Medical’s Seraph® 100 Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter is a revolutionary hemoperfusion medical device that addresses unmet clinical needs in treating bloodstream infections and reducing pathogens. Learn how clinicians are using the Seraph 100 to treat COVID-19.

Better Odds for Patients, Families and Critical Care Teams

The Seraph 100 uses microbead adsorption media with chemically-bonded heparin to mimic the binding sites that pathogens use when they invade the body. Selectively adsorbed pathogens remain bound in the filter.

How Seraph 100 is Saving Lives

Extracorporeal—meaning outside the body—blood purification treatments are usually reserved for the severely or critically ill. Learn more about the role of Seraph 100 in treating COVID-19.